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bavarese al cioccolato

Bavarian chocolate cake

Jul 6, 2017

Column | Little Cousine of Lake Como 




150ml of milk

150ml of fresh cream

60gr of egg only egg yolk

125gr of sugar

3 gelatine leaf

150gr dark chocolate

200gr whipped cream


 How to prepare

- put gelatine in cold water. In the meantime in a small pot boil the milk with vanilla about 5 minutes. In a bow, beat egg  yolk with sugar. Pour the milk over egg yolk and mix all togheter

- put the small pot on the stove and cooking the cream about 15 minutes mixing with wooden spoon. When the cream will be thicken, switch off the stove, wring out the gelatine then add it to cream.

- when the gelatine is liquefied add the dark chocolate. The cream should be smooth. When the cream will be cold, add the whipped cream. Mix with wooden spoon untill have a smooth cream paying attention not to disassemble the cream.

- cover a mould with film or use a silicone mould. Pur the mixture in and put in freezer for 2 hours. Take the cake, turn it upside down on a platter.

- eliminate the film and garnish as you want.

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