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Beef roll with ricotta and aragula

Beef roll with ricotta and arugula

Jun 16, 2016

Column | Little Cuisine of Lake Como

Beef roll with ricotta and arugula


300 gr rump of beef sliced finely

200 gr fresh ricotta 

Grana cheese, salt, pepper, olive oil a.e.

Arugula leaves, basil leaves, garlic to taste

How to prepare:

Mix in a bowl the ricotta with oil, salt, pepper and sliced aragula and basil. Spread out on a wrap the slices of meat. Add salt, spread the mixture on top of them and roll them up. Put them in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Blend some aragula, basil, garlic and olive oil to taste.

Arrange on a dish the aragula, cut the meat into rolls and garnish with the sauce and roasted bread.

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