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VT_lakecomo salad

Lakecomo salad

Apr 5, 2016

Column | Little Cuisine of Lake Como

Lakecomo salad

Ingredients for 4 people:

150 gr green salad

100 gr green asparagus

80 gr tomatoes cubes

80 gr salmon trout

80 gr whitefish fillet

1 lemon juice

e.v. olive oil a.e

salt and pepper a.e.

How to prepare:

Sear the asparagus for few minutes. Clean green salad. In a pan steamed for ten minutes salmon trout and whitefish fillet. Add in a small cup lemon juice, salt and pepper.
When asparagus and fillets are cooked cut them in little slices and put them on a dish earlier covered by green salad and tomatoes cubes. Flavour with the sauce.

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