Patriarch’s Greenway Path

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“To help you to discover the Patriach’s Greenway Path look our for yellow signs, enjoy”

Walking slowly, crossing Varenna and some of its most beautiful hamlets, alleys, paths or for a short distance along roads to savour glimpses and charming landscapes, immerse

d in a rich context of life and beauty: that’s the PATRIARCH’S GREENWAY PATH!

But, first of all, who are the “PATRIARCHS?” For a long time the “Varennesi”, inhabitants of Varenna are nicknamed “Patriarchitt” (“Patriarchini”, because in the past they were practicing the patriarchino religious rite of Aquileia); today the so called “Patriarchi” represent the elderly inhabitants of Varenna, wise and long-lived people. Every year there is a celebration dedicated to them (it is not important if they still live in Varenna or if they were only born here: this is a special occasion to enjoy being together and meet each other!). The get together is organized in autumn in the magnificently decorated rooms of Villa Cipressi. With affection and gratitude this gentle footpath is dedicated to them as they represent the treasure of our village and we want to thank them.

Don’t forget that mostly of the towns on this side of the lake are connected by the railway, running from Milan to Tirano (Timetable:  Tirano-Sondrio-Lecco-Milano ), a very useful option on the way back, if you are tired!
If you’re coming from others towns on the  lake, you can cross by ferry or boat service, getting off in Varenna.
(Timetable boats and ferry)

Click to read the leaflet about PATRIARCH’S GREENWAY PATH

We recommend to wear walking shoes and comfortable clothes

Total walking time: around 2 hours (one way)

Total length: Km. 6,00 (one way)

Starting point elevation: 200,00 m

Maximum elevation: 320,00 m 

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